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11400 Inc. is dedicated to bringing food service equipment projects to completion on time and to specification using our extensive experience, resources, and passion for the industry. Founded in 2008, 11400 Inc is an affiliate of Clark Associates and is a reputable distributor of commercial kitchen equipment headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Since our establishment, we have experienced remarkable growth in the foodservice equipment industry. In 2013, we expanded our reach by opening an office in Charlotte, NC, serving the entire Eastern Seaboard. By 2019, we established a dedicated Direct Sales department, catering to end users across all 50 states. We were awarded a GSA contract in 2021, to supply equipment and resources to federal agencies. At 11400 Inc, we take pride in our professionalism, unwavering commitment to quality, and extensive knowledge of foodservice equipment. We are committed to meticulous attention to detail throughout each project phase. For over 15 years, we have provided invaluable resources and exceptional service to our customers.

Jim Stephens

ext 350

Taylor Adams

VP of Project Development
ext 353

Kevin Chanko

Project Executive
ext 352

Lisa Wick

Director of Direct Sales
ext 354

John Witmer

Mid-Atlantic Operations Manager - NC
ext 355

Kelly Frederick

Director of Post Construction
ext 370

Justin Bord

Project Director
ext 369

Bob Sickler

Project Director
ext 351

Steve Geltmacher

Project Developer
ext 358

Bella Rizzo

Project Developer
ext 372

John Erisman

Project Developer

Shawn White

Project Development Coordinator

Amanda Brown


William Fiola

Project Manager - NC

Melissa Turner

Assistant Project Manager - NC
ext 359

Christopher Bath

Field Supervisor - NC

Frank Barry

Field Manager

Eric Bohannon

Project Manager
ext 366

Heather Kleinsmith

Project Manager
ext 371

Bob Muehlbach

Project Manager
ext 360

Heriberto Bermudez Jr

Project Manager

Kevin Borne

Project Manager

Nathan Strubel

Project Manager

Tyler Weatherell

Project Manager

Jodi Bowman

Post Construction Assistant
ext 373

Kimberly Ford

Operations Specialist

Ly Nguyen

Contract Sales Manager

Danielle Cargile

Account Development Manager

Hannah Whalen

Assistant to the President

Jodi Navarrete

Billing Administrator
ext 375

Katie Martin

Director of GSA Sales
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Garrett McIntyre

Contract Administrator - GSA
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