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Warranty Purpose

This policy is established for the purpose of creating an understanding of expectations and capabilities for all warranty repairs and fixes for projects sold and installed by 11400 Inc. It is our commitment that all warranty repairs will be responded to and fixed according to this policy.

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Post construction personnel will be available to receive requests for repair during non-holiday weekdays between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM eastern.
Requests received outside those hours will be handled during the start of the next day.
Requests for repair must use the current version of 11400’s report form. This form is available upon request as a PDF file and also on our website, www.11400inc.com. Requests will not be processed from general emails, in person reports, or phone calls. One requested repair per form. Each form must be completed in full, partial submission will only delay action.
All requests must be made via the request form within 14 calendar days of the problem being discovered.
The response time of 11400’s staff to your request will not exceed two working days. Responses may include some or all actions listed below.
Warranty covers work performed during normal business hours. It does not cover work done after hours, weekends, overtime, or emergency response.
Warranty includes standard freight on replacement parts. Expedited shipping, including next day air is not included in the warranty.
Warranty includes normal site access and parking. Additional costs due to restricted access, remote parking, or security limitations are not included in the warranty.
Warranty does not include costs for other parties, including facility staff, security, or other contractors that may need to be present during the repairs.
The requesting party agrees to cover all costs that are not covered by 11400’s warranty.
Warranty duration is not extended as a result of a provided repair.
Warranty covers products sold by 11400 to the original owner, at the original project location. Products resold or relocated are not covered by the warranty.
Costs for repairs that result from lack of maintenance or improper use are not covered by the warranty. 11400 shall be the sole judge of proper maintenance or use. 11400’s opinion is final and binding.
Repairs are completed by factory designated third party service companies. The service companies maintain separate insurance, and training records. The factory service company will determine the use of parts for repairs. 11400 is not responsible for the choice of installed parts.
Warranty does not include parts that normally wear out or are required for regular maintenance including but not limited to: gaskets, fuses, light bulbs, o rings, lubrication, adjustments, settings, deliming, broken glass, and other wearable parts.
Costs relating to the loss of a utility are not covered by the warranty. This would include requests that result from a breaker being tripped, a GFCI being tripped, a gas valve being closed, or the unit being unplugged.
Requests resulting from poor utility conditions are not covered. This includes but is not limited to high or low; voltage, water pressure, gas pressure, and water temperature. Additionally, requests resulting from poor water quality are not covered.
Acts of God or Force Majeure are not covered by the warranty
11400 is not responsible for damages, injury, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of business or profit, or loss of product, arising from the use or failure of any product covered by 11400’s warranty. Warranty includes the labor and materials to repair the unit, no other coverage is implied nor provided.
The foregoing warranties are expressly given in lieu of all other warranties, express, implied or statutory, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which are hereby disclaimed, and all other obligations or liabilities on our part, and we neither assume, nor authorize any other person to assume for us, any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of any product by 11400.

Warranty Request Procedure

Review the condition to ensure there is not an easy remedy. Common problems are breakers tripped, unit is unplugged, GFCI is tripped, water filter is clogged, or gas is off.
If food may be lost as a result of the condition then move all food to a separate unit to avoid any loss of product. Loss of product is not covered under the warranty.
Immediately complete all fields on the 11400 request form, and submit to [email protected] or through www.11400inc.com.
Cooperate with 11400’s warranty administration to set up a time during normal business hours for a technician to review the situation and advise on a course of action.
Ensure the facility is open and the unit to be repaired is fully accessible prior to the scheduled arrival time. The same is true for all future work.


Costs relating to work not covered under the warranty will be forwarded to the requesting party for payment.
11400’s fee for coordinating and processing the work will be the greater of 15% mark-up or $75 per request.
Payment for work not covered under the warranty is net 30 days and accrues an interest expense at the nominal rate of 0.5% per month.
11400 will pay the factory authorized service agent for the work with the assurance of reimbursement from the requesting party.
Requests for repairs that are outside the warranty will not be handled if there are any overdue payments from previous work for the requesting party.


Action time – The time between response time and remedy. Action time can be extended as a result of technician and part availability, complexity of the repair, and seasonal emergencies.
Factory Commissioning – Factory funded full diagnostic check of the product. Not normally completed on most equipment.
Remedy – The completion of the request. Completion can include full repair, identification of work to be done by another agency, or denial of request.
Response time – Time taken between the receipt of a request and action taken by 11400 staff. Actions may include requesting additional information, contacting a service company dispatcher, or denial of request.
Start Up (bump) – Check by 11400 representative to confirm proper utilities and basic functionality.